Mechanical Core Chuck

  • Mechanical chuck close upMechanical chuck close up

Mechanically Expanding Core Chuck

Availability: Just a few weeks - Made in the USA
  • For light-duty unwinds or rewinds
  • Concentric lug expansion

Product Specifications

  • 3" and 6" core chuck diameters
  • Bores to 1 1/2" on 3" diameter units. Bores to 3" on 6" diameter units.

Product Overview

This Mechanical Core Chuck’s precision-machined alloy steel components make it exceptionally rugged and durable. It provides the best torque capacity for light-duty unwinds or rewinds, with the lowest cost.

More about the Convertech Mechanical Core Chuck

Convertech Mechanical Core Chucks are available in lug and bladder design ranging from 3" to 12" diameters. Best suited for metal or fiber cores, a Convertech Mechanical core chuck can be used for shafted or shaftless unwind and rewind operations.