High- Torque Mechanical Chucks

High-Torque Mechanical Chuck

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Convertech’s High- Torque Mechanical Chucks expand mechanically. Always custom-made, the chucks expand concentrically and are available in several designs and mounting styles. Best suited for demanding and heavy-weight applications, Convertech’s High-Torque Mechanical Chucks are a perfect solution for braked unwind applications.

High- Torque Mechanical Chucks feature absolute roll centering and are great for braked, shaftless unwinds. These low maintenance chucks are available from 3” to 10” diameters and work very well for high speed, high tension applications.

The High- Torque Mechanical Chucks are custom designed to fit your specifications. When placing an order for High- Torque Mechanical Chuck, we ask that you specify the diameter you need a quote for so that we can make sure your High- Torque Mechanical Chuck fits your needs and specifications.

As with all of our shafts and chucks, we guarantee that your High- Torque Mechanical Chuck will be designed and manufactured to the same tolerances as all of our industry’s leading shaft adapters.

Most of our mechanical high- torque chucks are typically available 4-5 weeks after ordering. Please contact our office for a more specific lead time, to request a quote or if you have any other questions.

  • Product Availability: 4-5 Weeks
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  • 3” to 10” diameters

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