Shaft Adapters – Air and Mechanical

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Mechanical and Pneumatic Expanding Shaft and Core Chuck Adapters- a Systems Approach

Availability: 2-3 Weeks - Made in the USA
  • Adapters for all brands of shafts and chucks
  • Different designs to fit every budget and application
  • Core stops available
  • Eliminates need for a separate chuck for each core size
  • Reduces roll-change time
  • Handles very high web speeds, weight and torque levels

Product Specifications

  • Diameters up to 16"
  • Face lengths up to 150"

Product Overview

Shaft Adapters – A Systems Approach

Combine shaft adapters with pneumatic and mechanical chucks, which are designed for high-speed printing, laminating, and sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero-speed splicers and other shaftless unwind and rewind applications.

Benefits for converters:
•    Dramatically improve splice reliability.
•    Increase operating speeds.
•    Save time and money with repeated use of cores without damaging core ends, which can lead to excessive dust.

Convertech’s Expanding Shaft and Chuck Adapters are available with your choice of:
•    almost any configuration up to a 16” diameter and 150” face length
•    mechanical or pneumatic expansions
•    set screw or clamp collar designs

Wide-footprint shaft lugs provide a consistent grip on the core, without damaging the inside. Removal is easy with pneumatic and mechanical retraction of lugs that ensure the lugs never stick to the core.

Combine Convertech’s Mechanical or Pneumatic/Mechanical Chucks with our expanding adapters and you’ll be able to use more core diameters without purchasing additional shafts and chucks.

More about the Convertech Shaft Adapters – Air and Mechanical

Well suited to printing, laminating, and sheeting applications, Convertech's superior and easy-to-use core chuck and adapter system reduces the number of costly and heavy shafts and chucks required for many operations. At a fraction of the cost and weight of a shaft or chuck, each adapter can expand the usability of your current setup without a time-consuming changeover.

Convertech's core chuck and adapter combination provides a "systems" approach that saves time and money. Convertech's adapters are available for practically any configuration. Each adapter is custom designed to your specifications, and uses a chuck as the system base. Adapters fit securely over your chuck to expand its core size capacity. Chuck adapters offer quick resets and a less expensive solution with superior flexibility.

High-quality aluminum or steel lugs provide perfectly uniform expansion, and a firm, yet non-damaging, grip on the core. Convertech's adapters reduce core damage and ease loading and unloading, which ensures more uptime and less damage to cores and rolls. Adapters are available in many diameters and styles.

Convertech’s versatile chuck and adapter systems significantly reduce downtime. Typical changeovers can reduce productivity and expose operators to workplace injuries.