About Convertech Convertech – Since 1978

Since 1978, Convertech has provided the wide and narrow web industry with the high-quality air shafts and chucks, reliable service, and the industry’s fastest delivery. Convertech has grown from a small, niche company to one of the leading manufacturers of wide and narrow web products.


Convertech’s products have always been ahead of the industry, such as when we designed the first multibladder shafts in 1988. We also designed differential shafts to help wind evenly. We’ve produced more than 20,000 different air shafts and chucks, and our innovation continually puts us ahead of the competition.


We manufacture quality, custom-made shafts and chucks at our 40,000 sq ft facility in Wharton, NJ. We keep a clean and organized shop with many duplicate manufacturing machines that enable us to produce items at the same time and ensure faster delivery.


We use the highest quality materials and custom engineer each product to your specifications. Behind our product is more than 35 years of research and advanced product development.


Top-notch customer service means you get what you need. We provide fast quotes online or over the phone, and almost all of our quotes come with a drawing. We also have representatives in Canada.