Match Made in Manufacturing

Convertech Owners Bob Gensheimer and Larry Taitel

Convertech Owners Bob Gensheimer and Larry Taitel

As the 40th anniversary of Convertech Inc. is rapidly approaching, let’s take a moment to reflect on the adventures and pivotal moments that have brought Convertech to where it is today. Today, Convertech is owned by Bob Gensheimer and Larry Taitel but their story began in 1978.

In 1978, while working with their primary company Landice Products, a treadmill manufacturer, Charles (Chuck) and Ina Taitel established Convertech Inc. with a fresh, new and innovative design for chucks and shafts. Shortly thereafter, Bob, who was just beginning his high school co-op program as a machinist at Landice Products, was brought onto the Convertech team. Bob became Chuck’s “right hand man” in no time while Chuck and Ina’s son, Larry, was serving as the financial controller for Landice Products during his time in college and graduate school.

After Landice Products was sold in 1986, Bob was for the most part buying and assembling parts alone for the next three years with a biweekly visit from Ina to pay the bills. It wasn’t until 1989 that the Taitel’s decided to fully retire but Bob and Larry were ready to take over the company. They were the perfect match as their strengths complimented each other. Bob handled most of the engineering side while Larry used his knowledge of the machine shop to market and run the business. Larry also used trade magazines to establish the Convertech name in a growing industry.

As co-owners of the company, Bob and Larry hired their first two machinists and operated their business out of a 1,800 square foot modified two car garage in Dover, NJ but the company grew very quickly. In 1991, their growth lead them to move into a 6,500-square foot building in Denville, NJ.  But they outgrew that space after only four years of their five-year lease. Finally, in 1995, Bob and Larry with their now 10 employees, moved the company to a 10,500-square foot space in an 80,000-square foot building in Wharton, NJ, where the company currently resides.

Convertech moving to the Wharton location was an important moment for the company. This was the time when Bob and Larry decided to keep all production under their control. Keeping production inhouse allowed them to maintain the high quality standards, reduce lead times, and keep their costs down. Bob and Larry’s decision changed everything for the better, especially for their customers.

Convertech Inc has now expanded to 40,000 square feet within the building, housing around 50 employees. In about 40 years, two men have taken the company and brought it to the success it is today. There are so many doors of opportunity to open and it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for Convertech Inc.


Convertech Meets HoHokus Exec Board to Propose Expanded Machinist Program

Machinists at Convertech, Wharton, NJ.

Convertech president Larry Taitel met with Thomas Eastwick, the president of Eastwick College and the HoHoKus Schools, along with Eastwick’s executive board of the HoHoKus School of Trade, to discuss suggestions for an expansion of the school’s existing machining program. The meeting followed Convertech’s recent hiring of two HoHoKus graduates, who will join the company’s team of machinists.

“The applicants who’ve graduated from HoHoKus are far more impressive than our typical candidates,” said Taitel. “We’ve hired the school’s graduates before and have been very pleased with the results. Clearly, the school has a solid program in place.” Taitel has been leading a charge in New Jersey for better educational opportunities in the area of manufacturing. He proposed various additions to the school’s curriculum, which he believes will enhance the program and better prepare students for the many machining jobs that are available in the state and throughout the country.

“Mr. Taitel has some exciting ideas to improve our curriculum that we will be instituting as quickly as possible” said Eastwick. “Employers like Convertech are our most valuable source of knowledge.”

“Manufacturing jobs are plentiful and offer innumerable benefits including higher than average pay, job security, and job satisfaction,” said Taitel. “However, you can’t enter advanced manufacturing without first beginning in basic manufacturing. It all begins with the basics and lots of hands-on experience. Too few programs exist in our State for potential machinists, and the ones that are in place are in desperate need of additional hours.”

Taitel continues to reach out to NJ State elected officials, educators and industry groups to seek their support in bringing manufacturing curriculum back to New Jersey schools, which he explains is vital to The State of New Jersey, its manufacturers, and our students.

Since 1978, Convertech has designed, manufactured and delivered the industry’s highest-quality air shafts and chucks. All products are custom built at Convertech’s 40,000-sq.-ft. facility in Wharton, New Jersey.