3rd TIP Meeting Was A Great Success!

TIP Meeting PhotoThe North Jersey Targeting Industry Partnership (TIP) was established to develop entry level workers, increase qualified employees, and build capacity in the manufacturing industry. The 3rd North Jersey TIP meeting, held on March 9th at the Sandvik Coromant Company, was a great success. The room was filled with manufacturers, employers, and educators all excited to join the efforts. Ultimately, this partnership strives to give manufacturers an opportunity for their voices to be heard which makes it great to see the number of attendees grow from meeting to meeting.

The TIP meetings open the discussion for different ways to promote the manufacturing industry and educate others about it. There can be a misconception that the manufacturing industry is a “dark, dirty, and dangerous”  career path when there have been many advances in the industry that ensures a safe and healthy working environment. And in fact, there are so many advantages and opportunities that the industry can bring today.

College is a great option for students but many people, teachers and counselors included, are not aware that students have the option to pursue an excellent career in the manufacturing industry right after high school. The members of the North Jersey TIP are continuing to look for different ways to build awareness. There are three committees within the TIP that focus on different areas to achieve the larger goals. The Evaluation/Industry Needs committee assess the needs of the industry, the Pathway Development committee evaluates the existing manufacturing education programs, and the Marketing Outreach committee brainstorms and implements different strategies to promote the manufacturing industry and education programs. Together, these committees will help to strengthen and progress the manufacturing industry in NJ.

Along the way, other opportunities for everyone to get involved are brought up during the meetings. The New Jersey Manufacturing Talent Network, who sponsors the North Jersey TIP, will be co-hosting the Manufacturing Network Webinar with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development on Wednesday, March 22nd at 3pm. This webinar is open to all administrators, teachers, and counselors and will “provide an overview of the manufacturing industry in New Jersey and the various career pathways that exist within students with differing levels of educational attainment and skills”. At the webinar, three manufacturers will be presenting, giving them a direct line of communication to the educators. The first step in any type of advancement is communication.

It was also announced that Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th will be the 3rd year celebrated as NJ Makers Day. NJ Makers Day is celebrated “to enhance community engagement and develop connections among New Jersey residents by collaborating with multi-type libraries, museums, small businesses and others to promote and explore new opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on learning experiences.” NJ Makers Day is a great way to get the community of all ages involved and bring excitement about manufacturing.

The North Jersey TIP is a great partnership to get involved with. For more information please visit http://careerconnections.nj.gov/careerconnections/partners/talent/targeted_industry_partnerships.shtml.

Evaluation / Industry Needs Committee Prepares for North Jersey TIP Meeting

Evaluation / Industry Needs Committee Prepares for North Jersey TIP MeetingOn Thursday March 2nd, the Evaluation/Industry Needs Committee, a part of the North Jersey Targeted Industry Partnership (TIP), met following up from the last committee meeting on January 28th. The committee consists of a group of manufacturers and educators that have come together to define the manufacturing industry needs and evaluate the current manufacturing programs in place. They work together with the two other committees in the North Jersey TIP to develop entry level workers, increase qualified employees, and build capacity.

At the last meeting, the committee continued to brainstorm a list of basic skills needed for entry level manufacturing positions. It is interesting to collaborate with the educators and discuss what manufacturers are looking for in their entry level positions, while comparing it to want is being taught in the education programs. The committee also continued to develop a questionnaire for manufacturers to gain insight on the needs of the industry as well a consensus for the basic skills required in the industry.

The meeting on March 2nd began with the committee finalizing the entry level basic skills list and questionnaire. The committee is looking forward to hearing from the manufacturers as there cannot be any development without the input of the other manufacturers. The group is also looking forward to establishing their next project of developing a list of the basic skills for maintenance mechanics positions. The entry level basic skills list is geared towards the high school education level but the committee felt that a separate list should be developed for the maintenance mechanics as this is an industry need geared towards the secondary education programs.

We cannot express enough how important it is to hear from manufacturers. This committee needs to hear from those in the field to be able to bring accurate data to the other committees within Evaluation / Industry Needs Committee Prepares for North Jersey TIP Meetingthe North Region TIP. We are hoping that the Pathway Development Committee will be able to take our list of entry level basic skills to help develop and inform the North Region counties of the high school manufacturing education opportunities. And also to bring the information gathered from the questionnaire to the Marketing Outreach Planning committee to assist in their marketing to parents and the state promoting the opportunities surrounding manufacturing education.

The Evaluating/ Industry Needs Committee is excited to bring what they have worked on to the North Region Targeting Industry Partnership Meeting on March 9th. Everyone is off to a great start but it is not too late to join the efforts. If you are interested in getting involved or would like to know more, please email Larry Taitel at admin@convertech.com. We need your help to make a difference in the manufacturing industry!

Following Up with the TIP Evaluation / Industry Needs Committee

workshop-1746275_1920After the North Region Targeted Industry Partnership’s (TIP) meeting on December 8th, each of the three committees went on their way to develop and execute a plan to achieve their respective goals. On January 25th, the Evaluation/Industry Needs Committee met to work towards their goal of defining the needs of manufacturers and found the common need is skilled employees. At the North Region TIP meeting, the committee brainstormed ways to reach other manufacturers and decided that a brief questionnaire would be the best way to define what manufacturers want and need from their employees.

Although the manufacturing industry is very wide spread, the committee worked together to define a simple list of questions based on the basic skills and necessities that are transferable across all industries. By establishing the manufacturer’s employee needs, a tangible list can be created to bring to schools and to the state to show the demand that is not being met and hopefully lead to more efficient manufacturing programs across the state.

It is important that manufacturers become involved and let their voices be heard. The more manufacturers involved, the more knowledge can be brought to the table in all areas of manufacturing. The Evaluation/Industry Needs Committee is also able to bring what they learn to the other two committees; Pathway Development Committee, which works with the education opportunities and the Marketing Outreach Planning Committee which generates the interest in manufacturing programs. With the knowledge gained from all three committees, the North Region TIP can make strides in the manufacturing industry.

We want to hear from you! The next Evaluation/Industry Needs Committee phone conference is on March 2nd at 3pm. For more information, please email Larry Taitel at admin@convertech.com. We have an opportunity to make a difference in the manufacturing industry!