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1″ to 2″ Differential Shaft

Our 1” to 2” Differential Shafts are direct friction style differential shafts. With low tension and easy roll positioning, this shaft can fit cores from 1” to 2” diameters. It can also have face lengths up to 18” and is ideally suited for cores in ¼” increments.


The 1” to 2” Differential Shaft has three rows of external gripping elements spaced at 120 degrees and is able to slit rolls as narrow as 1/2″ wide. It features a multiple bladder design that is a vast improvement over previous air or mechanical designs. Our differential shaft does not have any weak journal connections since it is made entirely from one piece of solid steel. This kind of one piece design is capable of holding more weight with less deflection.

You can expect extremely low friction from the abrasion-resistant elements with this shaft. We have placed the abrasion-resistant elements to impart sensitive resistance to the core ID. There are also expanders along the entire length of the shaft, which allows for one or multiple cores to be placed anywhere along the shaft at the same time.


Our 1” to 2” Differential Shaft is custom designed to fit your specifications. When placing an order for the 1” to 2” Differential Shaft, we ask that you specify whether you need a quote for the cantilevered or flanged version so that we can make sure your differential shaft fit your needs and specifications.

As with all of our shafts, chucks, and accessories we guarantee that your 1” to 2” Differential Shaft will be designed and manufactured to the same tolerances as all of our industry’s leading shafts.


Please contact the office for a more specific lead time, to request a quote, or if you have other questions.

  • 1″ to 2″ Core Diameter
  • Up to 0.61 PLI on a 12″ diameter roll (For 1″ diameter)
  • Up to 1.25 PLI on a 6″ diameter roll (For 1″ diameter)
  • Works best with cores in 1/4″ increments
  • Down to 1/2″ slit widths

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