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Differential Air Shaft

With the Differential Air Shaft by Convertech, you can run multiple rolls on a single air shaft while maintaining equal tension on all rolls. The internal differential slip allows for running rolls with a wide range of core sizes and types without using cones, core stops, or spacers. It also will not have any “wobble” or side-to-side movement. Our Differential Air Shaft is safe, easy to use and improves machine efficiency.

Differential Air Shaft Features

With easily controlled tensions from under 0.15 PLI, our Differential Air Shafts are able to wind multiple cores down to ½” width. It can also have face lengths up to 100” in 70mm – 10” Diameter.

The Differential Air Shaft also has patented GlideLock™ Clutched Rollers that auto-lock to equalize tension on multiple width cores that can be placed anywhere on the shaft. It features a bi-directional, internal clutching mechanism which actuates based on the location of each core on the shaft.

When the shaft begins to rotate, the rollers under each core lock independently and apply tension to each individual core. As the material is wound onto the cores, the GlideLock™ Clutched Rollers self-adjust to ensure the correct tension. Slide bearings on each GlideLock™ Clutched Roller allow cores to slide on and off the shaft quickly and easily, allowing heavy, finished rolls slide effortlessly off the shaft which decreases load time.

Differential Air Shaft Customization

Our Differential Air Shaft is custom designed to fit your specifications. During order processing, we ask that you specify whether you need a quote for the double journal, cantilevered or flanged version so that we can make sure your differential shaft fits your needs and specifications.

As with all our air shafts, we guarantee that your Differential Air Shaft will be designed and manufactured to the same standards and tolerances you would come to expect from Convertech and other industry leading air shaft manufacturers.

Convertech: A Trusted Differential Air Shaft Provider

Convertech has provided the wide and narrow web industry with high-quality air shafts and chucks, quick turnaround, and reliable service for over 45 years. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for your differential air shaft needs, contact us today and learn more about our lead time, to request a quote, or for any additional questions.

Product Information


  • Tensions from under .15 PLI
  • Available from 70MM to 10” diameter
  • Face lengths to 100”
  • Slits from ½” wide and up


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