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  • Convertech Small Diameter Shaft - Air
Small Diameter Shaft – Air
Convertech Small Diameter Shaft - Air Convertech Small Diameter Shaft - Air Convertech Small Diameter Shaft - Air Convertech Small Diameter Shaft - Air

Convertech’s Small Diameter Shafts live up to their name. They are among the smallest diameter shafts available. They can be used for narrow and wide web application and are available in both the leaf and lug styles.


The Small Diameter Shafts are built to fit your needs. With diameters starting at 0.4” and face lengths up to 150”, there are many options to cater to your requirements.

Our lug style Small Diameter Shafts have multiple lugs that expand equally around the inside the core. Our leaf style Small Diameter Shafts feature the advanced integration of high-quality materials. The anodized aluminum leaves expand uniformly along the entire length of the shaft. Both styles are specifically designed for a precise grip when winding and unwinding.


Our Small Diameter Shafts are custom designed to fit your specifications. When placing an order for Small Diameter Shaft Shaft, we ask that you specify whether you need a quote for the flanged, double journal, or cantilevered version so that we can make sure your Small Diameter Shaft fits your needs and specifications.

As with all of our shafts, we guarantee that your Small Diameter Shaft will be designed and manufactured to the same tolerances as all of our industry’s leading shafts.


Please contact us for a more specific lead time, to request a quote, or if you have other questions.

  • Shaft diameters down to .400”
  • Lug or leaf style
  • For narrow and wide web applications
  • Diameters of 0.400” to 2.5”
  • Face lengths to 150”

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