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CC-3000 Shaft Adapters

Convertech’s CC-3000 is a convenient and inexpensive way to adapt a standard air shaft to hold a larger diameter core. Our chuck adapters are produced with high-quality materials to stand up to heavy workloads. The heavy-duty nature of the chuck adapters allows for superior performance in rewind and unwind applications - making them best suited for operations using rolls with metal, fiber, or cardboard cores.

Air Shaft Chuck Adapter Features

The CC-3000 Chuck Adapter features a lightweight design and is available with core stops and split clamps to protect the shaft it's mounted on. Convertech chuck adapters have an internal air bladder which prevents them from over-expanding or swelling over time to help protect them from cuts and excessive wear and tear. We also offer connector kits available to string multiple CC-3000 chuck adapters together to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Air Shaft Chuck Adapter Customization

The CC-3000 Chuck Adapter is designed to fit your specifications. When placing an order, we take note of your preferred diameter of chuck adapter to ensure your CC-3000 fits your unique needs. As with all of our shafts and chuck adapters, we guarantee that your CC-3000 will be designed and manufactured to the same tolerances as all of our industry’s leading shaft adapters.

Convertech: Your Trusted Air Shaft and Core Chuck Partner in Wide and Narrow Web

Convertech has provided the wide and narrow web industry with high-quality air shafts and chucks, quick turnaround, and reliable service for over 45 years. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for your air shaft chuck adapter needs, contact us today and learn more about our lead time, to request a quote, or for any additional questions.

Product Information


  • Lightweight design
  • Available with split clamps to protect the shaft that they are mounted on
  • Connector kits available to string multiple CC-3000 together
  • 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 16” diameters
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