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PCC-4000 Core Chuck

Convertech Core Chucks are thoughtfully designed and perfect for use in high-speed shaftless unwinding or rewinding. Our Pneumatic/ Mechanical PCC-4000 goes above and beyond the competition thanks to its higher weight, speed, and torque requirements. The PCC-4000 core chuck provides the highest torque and weight-bearing capacity of any core chuck style – ensuring impressive performance for your operation.

Core Chuck Features

Convertech PCC-4000 Core Chuck expands mechanically by a piston pushing on a mechanical ramp to assure concentricity and high torque capacity.

We offer a wide range of core chucks ranging from 3” to 12” that are thoughtfully designed to meet even the most specific web converting needs. Our core chucks are only produced in steel and are available in flange or cantilevered type mountings.

If you’re ready for a reliable, versatile, minimal maintenance core chuck that consistently obtains positive, instant lock up and release, consider Convertech for your core chuck needs.

Core Chuck Customization

The PCC-4000 Core Chuck is custom designed to fit your unique operational needs. When placing an order, we ask that you specify if you need a quote for a flange or cantilevered mounting type so that we can make sure your core chuck fits your needs and specifications.

As with all of our shafts and chucks, we guarantee that your Pneumatic-mechanical PCC-4000 will be designed and manufactured to the same tolerances as all of our industry’s leading shaft adapters.

Convertech: Your Trusted Air Shaft and Core Chuck Partner

Convertech has provided the wide and narrow web industry with high-quality air shafts and chucks, quick turnaround, and reliable service for over 45 years. If you’re looking for a trusted partner for your core chuck needs, contact us today and learn more about our lead time, to request a quote, or for any additional questions.

Product Information


  • 3″ to 12″ chuck diameters
  • Adapters available
  • Available in steel only
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